3 Nov 2022, Girls In Tech Switzerland. I am Gen Z – Movie Screening & Community Panel Discussion with Filmmaker Liz Smith.

Graphical recording by Anna-Lena Koenig

12 Aug 2022, Flávia Guerra interview with Liz Smith / Entrevista com Liz Smith, diretora de “Geração Z” | 11ª Mostra Ecofalante de Cinema.

8 July 2022, Lower East Side Film Festival Directors Shannon Walker & Roxy Hunt interview Chantelle de Carvalho and Liz Smith in this podcast episode of Below The Line.

16th June 2022, Alyssa Boyle writes about I Am Gen Z in an article for Ad Exchanger.

25th March 2022, Chantelle de Carvalho, Liz Smith and Kim Halliday are interviewed on the red carpet at Manchester Film Festival.

11 Dec 2021, Rehna Azim, gives I Am Gen Z a full four star review in an article that shows an impressive understanding of the film and the director’s intentions.

Sometimes you watch a film and wish it could be screened in every school, not just for the pupils but also their parents and teachers. This is one such film. It’s a documentary full of passion, insight, understanding, compassion and common sense with a vibrant dash of fun, colour and vivacity.

Rehna Azim

21 Nov 2021, MovieSteve gives ‘I Am Gen Z’ 4 out of 5 stars in his comprehensive review.

What is obvious from the Gen Z contributions, in among the songs and the pile-ons and the “yay me!” self-obsession, is that these clear-skinned young people have intuited that the culture they inherited from their parents isn’t up to the job, it’s lagging too far behind the tech, with its morality and ethics lagging even further behind. They’re trying, messily and largely in the dark, to hash something out on the fly so life can be lived at some level of daily decency. Google may be “making us stupid”, as one of the older talking heads puts it, but according to this documentary Gen Z aren’t going to go down without a fight.

Movie Steve

17 Nov 2021, Her Girl Wednesday Interview with the director of I Am Gen Z.

11 Nov 2021, Soho Radio interview with the director, producer and composer of I Am Gen Z. Note, the interview starts at 26 minutes into the programme.

5 Nov 2021, Dr Jack Lewis – one of our on-screen contributors – was in the audience at Genesis Cinema for the UK premiere of the film. This was the first time he had seen film and we love this article he wrote the next day!

Instagram Live Chat, 21 Oct 2021.

In the run up to the screening at UNAFF I Am Gen Z cast member Preston Seraph and Liz Smith were live on Instagram. Preston will be representing I Am Gen Z at UNAFF. In the chat they talk about hate speech, algorithms, the Facebook Files and Frances Haugan’s testimony as well as Preston’s very special outfit that he’ll be wearing at the screening.

14th Oct 2021, James Prestridge wrote this article in Close Up Culture after having watch I Am Gen Z at its UK premiere in London.

15 Oct 2021, by James Prestridge

Instagram Live Chat interview with Elliot Grove from Raindance. 4 Oct 2021

Ironically, it takes Liz about 3 minutes before she figures out how to join the live chat!

“Gen Z’s relationship with social media is the route into this documentary but it goes wider than that to explore behaviour modification, the “post-truth” political landscape and emotionally manipulative social media business models.

Set against a backdrop of Aldous Huxley quotes and snippets taken from social media, I Am Gen Z interrogates what our increased connectivity is really doing to our brains. Through interviews with neuroscientists, authors, tech developers and behavioural psychologists we learn that, historically, with each major advancement in the way information is controlled, social unrest follows.

I Am Gen Z moves swiftly between topics, covering digital technology’s impact on interpersonal relationships, body image, mental health and more. This ambitious catalogue of themes is stitched together with impeccable, fast-paced editing. The documentary seamlessly moves from explaining the deliberately addictive nature of social media to digital privacy violations and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Despite its message of hope – Gen Z is the most empathetic generation yet – the documentary doesn’t sugarcoat the way digital technology has changed our lives, not necessarily for the better. I Am Gen Z is an unflinching look at how society’s rules, designed for an analogue world, just don’t work in the digital one.”

Ali McClary, 21 Sep 2021

“La réalisatrice britannique Liz Smith ne fait pas partie de cette génération, mais I Am Gen Z n’est heureusement pas un film de boomer pour autant. Si elle utilise entre autres des images glanées sur internet et les réseaux sociaux, elle n’enferme pas les adolescents dans le rôle de sujets d’études passifs.”

Gregory Coutaur, Le Polyester, 4th May 2021

Read full article by Gregory Coutaut in Le Polyester

“It was really refreshing to watch a film where Gen Z wasn’t villainized. The film had a great deal of empathy for our generation. We are usually viewed as lazy, selfish and self centered. The different experts in the film mentioned many times, throughout different contexts, that gen Z actually encompass a great deal of empathy, and appreciate kindness, and fairness.”

Victoria Kroberg, Sein, 30 April 2021

Read full article in Danish by Victoria Koberg in Sein

Read the interview in Afisha in Russian by Dimitry Barchenkov with Liz Smith