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Through expert interviews and the web lens of Generation Z, the documentary explores how the digital revolution is impacting our society, our brains and mental health, how the forces driving it are working against humanity and have put us on a dangerous trajectory that has huge ramifications for this first generation growing up with mobile digital technology.

Sometimes you watch a film and wish it could be screened in every school, not just for the pupils but also their parents and teachers. This is one such film. It’s a documentary full of passion, insight, understanding, compassion and common sense with a vibrant dash of fun, colour and vivacity.

Rehna Azim, Moviemarker, United Kingdom

I Am Gen Z moves swiftly between topics, covering digital technology’s impact on interpersonal relationships, body image, mental health and more. This ambitious catalogue of themes is stitched together with impeccable, fast-paced editing. The documentary seamlessly moves from explaining the deliberately addictive nature of social media to digital privacy violations and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Despite its message of hope – Gen Z is the most empathetic generation yet – the documentary doesn’t sugarcoat the way digital technology has changed our lives, not necessarily for the better. I Am Gen Z is an unflinching look at how society’s rules, designed for an analogue world, just don’t work in the digital one.

Ali McClary, United Kingdom

It was really refreshing to watch a film where Gen Z wasn’t villainized. The film had a great empathy for our generation. We are usually viewed as lazy, selfish and self-centered. Gen Z encompass a great deal of empathy. We appreciate kindness, and fairness. We are compassionate, and have a great deal of curiosity about the World and the people around us. We are simply part of a system that is larger than ourselves, and larger than life really, which is why we can be hyper-focused on ourselves and our accomplishments. However, this isn’t entirely our fault. We have grown up in a capitalistic society, where we are expected to consume, and accomplish to have value. This point of view moved me, because this kindness and sense of fairness is what I see in my friends.

Victoria Koberg, Film Editor, Sein, Denmark

I chanced upon this documentary while on my recent Emirate flight from Singapore to Boston. The content is so rich that I have been really struck by it.

Inflight viewer from Singapore

I would really like to show this film to my 13 yr old daughter. I watched it on a Jetblue flight. I believe it would be invaluable if we could watch it together as a family at home.

Inflight viewer from USA