I Am Gen Z features a range of music from young upcoming artists.

On 3 November 2021 we ran a special music event the evening before our UK premiere showcasing the talent of some of the artists on the soundtrack and the film’s composer Kim Halliday. The performers on the night were Lottie Hartnack, MIRI, Sherika Sherrard and Try Me.

Lottie Hartnack

Lottie, a twenty-one-year-old singer-songwriter from Devon, has established an impressive online presence from the four corners of her student bedroom in Leeds. Her viewers often compare her lyric-focused ballads to the likes of Ed Sheeran, and her voice to Lily Allen’s. Lottie has three pieces in the film, including her song “Count” which has 1.4 million views on TIkTok.


MIRI is an artist, musician, songwriter, and community activist. Recognised for her distinctive soulful vocal tone and classic British songwriting, her distinctive brand of soulful pop has been heard on various BBC radio shows along with countless independent and community stations.

MIRI’s song “Somebody Save Me” underscores a strand in the film about Gen Z’s response to mental health issues marked by a rise in anxiety, depression and self harm fuelled by social media.

Sherika Sherard

Through songwriting Sherika vows to encourage the conversations that make us vulnerable. From charming one liners to heart-felt confessions, Sherika uncovers our complex journeys through a celebration of acceptance and continuously warms the hearts of her listeners. I Am Gen Z includes 3 of Sherika’s songs – “Sending Kisses”, “Please Don’t Hate” and “Give Me A Job”.

Try Me

Hector Boogieman and Bendy Wendy are Try Me, a Bristol-based duo who, in their own words, are ‘on a mission to make people boogie and forget their woes’. As a band with a jig in their step, their songs “All Nighty” and “Good Time Goggles” are featured in I Am Gen Z, bringing some of their infectious and flamboyant Disco Punk to the film.