Marc Atherton

“That allows them to create a hugely effective behaviour change capability which you have virtually no defence against because it attacks you at a subconscious level”

Marc is a Chartered Psychologist and Behavioural Scientist who came to pyschology via an initial career working with young people in community settings.

His journey since then has traversed many areas of applying psychology and behavioural science in solving complex real-world challenges at the intersection of people and technology. Recent work has focussed on the intersection of people, cognitive technology and mental health & wellbeing.

He believes in the potential of the internet and other cognitive technologies to improve the lives of people and society in a profound way if employed within a positive and empowering philosophy. Marc chairs the Royal Aeronautical Society annual international Aircrew Mental Health conference as one way of raising the issue of psychological wellbeing as a core right of individuals in our fast paced, technological society.