Educational and Public Performance rights are available for schools and community groups across the world. The license fee varies according to the requirements and uses of each institution.

Themes Explored In The Film

  • Addiction to smartphones
  • Body Image
  • Anxiety, Depression and Self Harm
  • Privacy
  • Rise of Perfectionism and Burnout
  • Minsinformation and Hate Speech
  • Conspiracy Theories

What do I Get with My License

  • An mp4 video file of both versions of the film, the 52 minute and the 100 minute version.
  • A pdf document with information to support you in your class planning.
  • Additional support material is also available on the website, including information about the voices in the film and the film trailer.


  • A Q&A or panel discussion with the film’s director.
  • A Q&A or panel discussion with the film’s director and some cast members.
  • We’ve teamed up with Mind Over Tech to offer tools and training for both teachers and students to help them take a step towards feeling in control with how they use there tech. Find out more here.

How Do I License the Film?

You will be sent a License Agreement to review and sign. The licence allows your institution to screen the film in a limited public setting (school/university auditorium or hall or individual classrooms etc) and, in certain circumstances, may be made available on a dedicated secure online service owned and used only by the institution it is licensed to. The licence allows the institution to screen under these conditions for a stated limited time period which can be negotiated. The standard licence is granted under the proviso that the audience size is kept to a normal sized classroom capacity or a school/university hall auditorium capacity. All elements can be discussed and negotiated at the time of licencing. On receipt of the executed Licence Agreement and licence fee payment, you will be sent the pdf document and a download link to the mp4 video files of the film.

Please contact us if you would like a fee quote.

Please be aware that the film includes images relating to eating disorders and tackles sensitive topics including self harm and suicide which some viewers may find troubling. There is a page on our website to signpost people to information and resources for those struggling with any of the issues raised in the film

“From a teaching perspective I find the film GREAT”

Christian Mosebo, Idrætsefterskolen Klintsøgaard, School in Denmark

“I watched this documentary while on a long-haul Lufthansa flight and was blown away by how relevant and engaging my students would find the film”

Political Science & Sociology professor, Luxembourg

“I saw the movie on the airplane and I think it is fantastic”

Youth Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Germany